What To Look For In Your Dream Home


Finding the perfect house isn't always about what you get on the inside that counts. You'll want to take into consideration a variety of things in that could make or break the property. Don't get stuck in a house you feel miserable in overtime. What are the things to look for before buying your dream house? Let's go over them below!


If you have school age children, you'll want to review the local schools prior to purchasing a home. Since the school conditions are important for families, be sure to review and choose the neighborhoods that are in school districts you want your children attending.


Is the property near a lake or river? Perhaps by a pond or small creek? It could be on your bucket list to live by water. However, if it isn't, keep in mind that a small creek can be a risk for flooding. 


Does the neighborhood have a strict HOA that would prevent you from owning pets you intend to have? Does the neighborhood fit your lifestyle preferences? Take a drive through neighborhoods you're considering buying in to ensure it fits your needs. Then, ask your agent to pull any restrictions or HOA laws in place that can lead to frustrations. Nothing can set off the mood from buying a home and wanting to build a pool like finding out the HOA prohibits it.


Do you prefer an active nightlife? Do you like keeping busy throughout the day with outdoor activities? Is a big shopping center a must? Be sure to find a home that is situated in a neighborhood that keeps you close to the things you love to do most. 


If you have a church preference, don't forget to see what churches are near the home you're considering buying so you can feel at home when you make the move.


Often times, we can be so taken back by the beauty of a property, that we don't pay too much attention to the land it sits on. Do you plan to grow a garden? Do you want a swimming pool? Do you want a flat space to fence for your kids and pets? Don't forget to take these elements into consideration or it can put a damper on your future home plans.